About The SSA

About The SSA
The Stalin Society of Australia (SSA)  was formed in 2018. The aim of the society is to rehabilitate the memory of Joseph Stalin by distributing accurate information about him to the working class of Australia.
Why Stalin

Why Stalin?

In many ways Joseph Stalin is the most important person in the whole history of Marxism-Leninism. Clearly Marx and Engels developed the theory of Marxism, dialectical and historical materialism and scientific socialism. This theory was then advanced and adapted to the conditions of the new stage of advanced capitalism, imperialism, by Lenin. But while these contributions were extraordinary what Stalin accomplished was that he took scientific socialism out of the realm of theory and made it a reality. He built the first society in history that was not based on the exploitation of people. Not only did Stalin prove that this was possible but he showed that a society absent of exploitation could massively out perform the most advanced capitalist nations. Socialism, Stalin showed, could develop at an unprecedented speed and could do this while providing all people with the right to work, housing, education and healthcare. If what Stalin achieved was not remarkable enough it must be remembered that all this was achieved despite his having to contend with internal counterrevolutionary forces and the invasion of Nazi Germany.

It is because Stalin proved what socialism could achieve that the international bourgeoisie had to defame him in order to defame socialism. It is the job of the SSA to remind the Australian working class of Stalin's achievements.


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